Altrusa International Club of Anaheim is an all-volunteer organization. The club was chartered in 1947. Our mission is to provide meaningful community service in Orange County through efforts of a membership of professional men and women while supporting the growth of our members. Our purpose is to make our community a better place in which to live through our various service projects.

Our club provides an opportunity to develop leadership skills by participating in a community service project or addressing important needs in Orange County.

We are a club in District Eleven in California. It is a 501(c)4 Social Welfare Organization that is not organized for profit but operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare. Donations to our club are not tax deductible but donations to our Anaheim Foundations are tax deductible.

Our international outreach extends to Madras, India, our sister club.

Altrusa International of Anaheim - Christmas Quilt Opportunity Drawing 2024

November 2, 2024 at 2:30pm

Location: Anaheim United Methodist Church 1000 S. State College Bluvd; Anaheim, CA 92806

Tickets: $5 each or 5 Tickets for $20

Front of the Christmas Quilt

Back of the Christmas Quilt


Building a much needed library, cooking for Boys Hope Girls Hope Scholars and Ronald McDonald House Residents, making and distributing blankets to children in trauma, collecting, organizing and distributing provisions for food banks ...


Providing books to school children, sponsoring Creative Writing Projects, building up small libraries where there is a need, Providing SAT and ACT preparation materials...


Organizing Festival of Trees, silent auction, mystery balloons, gifts to go, homemade jams and jellies and baked goods...


My Daughter recommended Altrusa to me for the work they do in the community, the focus on literacy and the warmand welcoming members.


There are four words that come to mind when I think of Altrusa: Service, Leadership, Friendship and Gratitude. Service > every individual act of service makes a difference in someone�s else life. I love that collectively our efforts can reach and help more people than we can do on our own. Leadership > through the many Altrusa leadership opportunities I have been exposed to, encouraged to pursue, I have grown in leadership in Altrusa, personally, in business, within other nonprofits and organizations. It helped that all along there was support, encouragement and many life-changing lessons learned. Friendships > I have developed some amazing friendships through and throughout this organization. It is a wonderful perk! Gratitude > to my sponsor, Liz Cason, who invited me to membership and started me down the Altrusa Path. Past Governors especially, Barbara Lindquist who encouraged me to join her team, which led to leadership on the District and International Boards. Grateful for the Altrusa Principles > the bow on top this Altrusa gift!


Why Choose Altrusa


Your time is a gift. There is regular attendance at a monthly meeting and Altrusa International of Anaheim provide an assortment of projects allowing involvement based on your schedule.


We seek variety in our membership and strive to appreciate a range of talents from various backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.

    Is Altrusa just for women?

  • A.

    Altrusa Int'l of Anaheim was founded in 1947 to support women entering the workforce. It was later dedicated to leadership development and community service. Today, our club has an active membership that welcomes both men and women. Anyone interested in service and volunteerism in Orange County, CA may be invited to become an Anaheim Altrusan.

  • Q.

    What is the age range of the members of your clubs?

  • A.

    There is no specific entry age for membership in Altrusa, nor is there a manditory retirement age. We have active Altrusans in our club in their 30s through to their 80s. We are always looking for members of any age wishing to give back to their community.

  • Q.

    Are the club members focused on the same projects? Can I suggest a project to the club specific to my city?

  • A.

    Our club determines its own service projects and fundraising efforts, based on the local needs of our community. Our members are encouraged to bring new projects to our club in Orange County, CA.

  • Q.

    If I am interested in joining, what is the next step?

  • A.

    Our club is always looking for new members wishing to give back to their community please get in touch Contact