Creative Writing Project

Creative Writing Project

Altrusa Club members have worked very hard to develop and promote their original Creative Writing Project, "Finding My Voice, Telling My Story."


Our Altrusa Club has partnered with the Anaheim Public Library, Ponderosa Library and the Anaheim City School System to assist local students in improving their writing skills.

Helping Kids Prepare for College Together

Collectively we sponsored a creative writing project at the Ponderosa Elementary School which is a part of the Anaheim Elementary School District. It is located in a low socio-economic neighborhood of south Anaheim and has very few kids that enter college upon completion of high school.

Honored by City Council

The winners and their teachers are honored by the Anaheim City Council. Each participant receives a "Certificate of Participation."

Winners and Dignitaries

1st, 2nd and 3rd place receive a gift card.