Edith Holsinger Education Scholarship

Given to high school or college students who wish to become teachers. It is named for one of the Club's Charter Members.

Delore Crupneck-Suter Nursing Scholarship

Named after our Club member who established the scholarship, it can be awarded to any student wishing to go into nursing.

Sandra Frazzel Student of Unusual Profession

Named for Sandra Frazzel a Program Manager at Boeing and a past Club President, this scholarship was established for women entering nontraditonal Professions such as engineer or physical therapy. It has since been expanded for any student desiring to pursue difficult professions.

Carman Lizarraga Art Scholarship

Carman Lizarraga taught floral design.

New Scholarships

The Club has recently added scholarships to JOYA, Casa Teresa, YWCA, Fullerton College and St. catherine's Academy. The JOYA Scholars Schoarship assists one or more of the scholars with college; Casa Teresa helps one of the women with college; St Catherine' Academy assists with tuition and the YWCA along with the Thurmond Foundation assists women returning to school.